Eyelash Extensions

Kassie and her stylists are trained professionals in Eyelash Extensions and Natural Eyelash health and care. Not only are you able to receive amazing, long, beautiful silk lash extensions you will no longer have to worry about damaging your natural lashes.
Eyelash extensions are an amazing cosmetic procedure when applied correctly !
For those of you who have had a bad experience by previous lash extensions due to twisting, clumping and damage to your natural lashes , please give them another chance with a trained professional.

Bulletproof Eyelash Extensions are Individual Silk Hairs applied to your natural lashes one by one. These extensions look and feel the most natural of all the eyelash enhancements, and gives you that full fluffy red carpet look !

Bulletproof Full Set (premium silk lashes) by Kassie (owner) max 2hr $140
Bulletproof Full Set (premium silk lashes) (secondary stylist) max 2hr $120
max 1hr 15mins 2 WEEKS $65-$70
max 1hr 30mins  3 WEEKS $75-$80
max 2hr 4 WEEKS $120/$140
Lash Removal $30